Burn Test

At the request of Coshell Holdings LLC., Stephanos & Associates conducted a testing program of comparative performance of three separate charcoal briquette manufacturers. Nine replicate test runs were completed, three for each manufacturer. The highest preforming test for each manufacturer sample is provided within this report.




Total time to achieve complete ash over of briquettes: 35 minutes 35 minutes 1 hour 15 minutes
Total burn time: 3 hours 30 minutes 3 hours 3 hours 30 minutes
Maximum grill probe temperature: 560 degrees F 471 degrees F 391 degrees F
Maximum Surface temperature achieved: 988 degrees F 988 degrees F 925 degrees F
Sustained time above 180 degrees F “optimum cooking range:” 2 hours 10 minutes 1 hour 20 minutes 2 hours


Sample A

  • Mild odor
  • Fast start
  • Once full ash was achieved, ash sluffed off exposing inner core of hot briquette.
  • This allowed for continuous heat exposure.

Sample B

  • Fast start
  • Acrid, unpleasant odor
  • Majority of ash was maintained as a whole on briquette, encapsulating inner core.
  • Briquettes are small creating excessive surface area. This promoted rapid burn and decreased overall burn time.

Sample C

  • Acrid and very unpleasant odor
  • Slow start
  • Briquettes released sparks and embers during ignition and up to full ash over. This characteristic may be viewed as unsafe in open exposed grilling areas and wild land space.
  • Ash over was consistently slow.
  • Majority of ash was maintained as a whole on briquette, encapsulating inner core.


Both samples “A” and “B” ignited quickly and achieved adequate grill temperatures rapidly. Samples “A” and “C” exhibited extended burn times. The data indicates that sample “A” outperformed all samples repeatedly in every data point. Additionally, the low odor emission from sample “A” created a more friendly grilling environment.


Please see the PDF file for the full burn test details: