The concept of producing charcoal briquets from waste coconut shells began over five years ago when the two company founders,traveled to Thailand in search of investigating coconut products for the S. marketplace. After savoring delicious barbecued foods, the founding partners learned that the barbecue fuel of choice in Thailand was coconut shells. After experimenting with natural binding agents and coconut shells the founders came up with a method of producing charcoal briquets made from all natural ingredients. From a humble beginning of opening a small charcoal briquet factory in Kaiwai Thailand, the partners soon expanded to a larger facility in Thailand. Coshell Charcoal has been rigorously tested and formulated using only natural ingredients. Southeast Asia has an abundant supply of coconut shells,as well as, cornstarch and other natural ingredients which help in the manufacture of a "natural" charcoal briquet.
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COSHELL Charcoal was first introduced to the U.S. marketplace in the Spring of 2008. Since its early beginnings numerous package changes and development enhancements came along to produce not only a fully "green" charcoal product, but a "better" more advanced charcoal briquet product line. The charcoal program was soon expanded to include a natural petroleum free easy light product line, a "Light the Bag" convenient one-step charcoal product line, as well as, a natural petroleum-free liquid charcoal lighter. All of these products are sold under the dependable Coshell Charcoal brand. We hope you share in our dedication to always look for "green" environmentally responsible products.
You can find Coshell Charcoal online through Amazon.com, or shop at your nearest True Value Stores, Whole Foods Market and many other fine retailers.